[Record Store Day] Chico Fellini @ CD Cental 4.18.09

After falling for Chico Fellini’s debut record and seeing them live, I’m blown away that they aren’t signed to a mid-sized indie label and getting a lot more attention. I’d heard that they were fantastic live, and it’s true; Chico Fellini killed it on Record Store Day.

MP3: Chico Fellini – Hot

In true Lexington fashion, Chico Fellini assembled a “best of” Lexington musicians to back them up. The band already features some of Lexington’s best, but they rounded it out with Robbie and Justin from These United States/Scourge of the Sea playing drums and assorted percussion. Not only was it great to see everyone making music with their friends, but it really helped round out songs like “Electrolyte” and “Hot.”

After listening to like five songs of Chico Fellini and loving each of them, I realized that their new album has quickly become one of my favorites of the year. I don’t know if it’ll crack my top 20, but it’s a really impressive release that already has me waiting for the next time I can see them again.

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