[VIDEO] Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band cover “London Calling” by request

From what I can gather from this video, someone in the crowd threw a sign on stage at Bruce’s concert that read “LONDON CALLING – did I stump E Street?” And Bruce shook his head, and the band launched into a pretty good cover of the classic Clash tune.

This is, of course, not Bruce’s first time playing “London Calling.” Check below for him, Elvis Costello and Dave Grohl covering it in tribute to the recently-passed Joe Strummer.

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[MP3] Sugar and Gold: “Do It Well”

After my glowing review of Sugar and Gold’s show in Covington, their label sent me an email reminding me that they’d sent me a copy of the band’s album Creme. Having long ago boxed up/Goodwilled/whatever the album, I had to humbly request a digital copy. Luckily they’re good sports, because this album is almost as much fun as their live show.

MP3: Sugar and Gold – Do It Well
The bad part about this is that I’ve already kind of blown my load talking about Sugar and Gold. However, I can add one more artist to the mix when describing “Do It Well.” Whereas they sound like Funkadelic and occasionally the Bernie Warrell-era Talking Heads, on this one they sound more like a classic Prince melody wrapped up in the mix. Frankly it’s hard to believe that this isn’t a cover of a long-lost 70s classic.

Sugar and Gold on Myspace

And the American Idol contestants recorded a version of the Apples in Stereo’s “Energy” for a commercial. Whaaaa?

[VIDEO] Pre-finals flashmob at the University of Kentucky library

Ah… this would happen the semester after I graduate from UK.

Some crafty kids organized a not-so-flashmob at the William T Young library at the University of Kentucky to blow off some steam during dead week. I say “not-so” because they don’t clear out until someone pulls the fire alarm about seven minutes into the cheering. Still, a ton of fun.

Of Montreal halfway covers “A Day in the Life” backstage

The Late BP Helium just posted an MP3 of Kevin Barnes messing around on a piano backstage before one of their shows. He plays “A Day in the Life,” but wings it on the words and song structure. The result: a “brand new Beatles song” called “Like a Revolution.”

Listen to “Like a Revolution”

Thanks to Optical Atlas for the tip!

Je Suis France give away new Horsehunters EP

If you’re looking for a light snack of music, you might want to grab Je Suis France’s new Horsehunters EP. It’s 16 songs that each run 45 seconds. Some of them I wish would continue on for a few minutes, but I kind of like being able to run through the entire EP in about ten minutes and get to hear over a dozen various melodies. It’s strangely relaxing.

Download the Horsehunters EP

[MP3] new Intelligence: “Thank You God for Fixing the Tape Machine”

Thanks to GvB for pointing out that Intelligence has a new LP coming out in May. “Thank You God for Fixing the Tape Machine” is a step back on the right path after that ill-advised Magnetic Fields cover.

MP3: Intelligence – Thank You God for Fixing the Tape Machine
At first I was going to say that this new Intelligence sounds like it’s a bit influenced by the recent lo-fi/psych resurgence… then I remembered they’d sounded this way for years. Sorry for doubting you guys — even if it was just reflexively. No, Intelligence have been rocking it out crunchy and spacey for a while now and this is just one more winner on their roster of songs.

Intelligence on Myspace