[MP3] Great Lake Swimmers: “Everything Is Moving So Fast”

Today my friend Emon came over and wanted to open up some of my mail while we waited for Chinese food to arrive and Lost to start. I threw her a CD package and told her to go to town on it. She opened it like a kid at Christmas, I smiled and that was that… until three hours later when I saw what was in the package she opened: the new Great Lake Swimmers record, Lost Channels.

Link fixed!

MP3: Great Lake Swimmers – Everything Is Moving So Fast
Remember Low’s awesome and under-appreciated album The Great Destroyer? The songwriting and vocals on Lost Channels often remind me of that. Now the instruments are telling a completely different story — one with tons more folk and less rumble and build. Maybe a better reference point is that this record is what Sufjan might sound like if you removed the cheerleader side of his personality and took away his horn and string sections.

Great Lake Swimmers

Boing Boing posted a cute timelapse video of tourists re-enacting the Abbey Road album cover in London.

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