[MP3] Wale: “Nightlife” ft. Tre and Young Chris

Yesterday Wale shared this new song via his twitter account. I didn’t get to check it out until I got home, but am way glad I did; this is one of my favorites of his. It’ll eventually be on the “Back to the Feature” mixtape which will be out soon.

MP3: Wale – Nightlife ft. Tre and Young Chris
Maybe my only complaint about this song is that the backing track is so great that I’m not always giving my 100% attention to Wale’s lyrics. But when I catch lines like “My President is black and so is my credit card” it makes me vow to next time not be distracted by the excellent production and chorus.

Wale’s video for “W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.”

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