Glamour ranks Of Montreal’s BP Helium a fashion “DONT”

Indie rock fashion just took a hilarious hit to the gut via Glamour’s contribution to MSN’s Lifestyle section. In the top 10 list entitled “Dudes & Don’ts,” they rip on a few semi-celebs and laud a few more (including Barack Obama). One that faces the harshest critique is Of Montreal’s the Late B.P. Helium. In addition to often looking like Neil Young, BP wears some pretty wild costumes on stage. Now, they don’t say it’s him, but it’s pretty clear.

Glamour’s Dudes and Don’ts: The Late BP Helium

Don’t worry though Beeps; we’re with you. In addition to digging your fashion sense, I’ll always support anyone who writes such great songs as this one — recently debuted live by Of Montreal.

MP3: Of Montreal – All Na Wayo

So ladies, what’s the word? Do or Don’t?

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