[VIDEO] Eels cover Prince’s “I Could Never Take the Place Of Your Man” backed by string section

I’ve spent the past few weeks catching up on two artists I’ve largely ignored until the past year: Eels and Prince. So while youtubing to see if I could find the performance of “Trouble with Dreams” from the Live With Strings tour, I ran across this cover of Mark Everett and his band covering Prince’s “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man.” I’ll mark that one down to serendipity and hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.

Also, doesn’t it seem like the Wrestler could have been soundtracked mostly by Eels songs? “Bus Stop Boxer” and “Trouble With Dreams” and you’re done, man.

[VIDEO] Literal Video version of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”

Here’s the Literal Video version of the video for Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.” As the theme goes, the words sung are describing the action in the video, with nothing to do with the original song beyond melody. This one’s pretty good, standing strong with the original two, “Take On Me” and “Head Over Heels”

[VIDEO] Kenneth the Page responds to Jindal comparisons

Man, is there a rule that whoever the Republican party trots out as its new face has to have a clone on 30 Rock? Well when Bobby Jindal gave the Republican response to Obama’s address the other night, everyone realized he talked like Kenneth from 30 Rock. Now Jimmy Fallon has an exclusive video of Jack McBrayer, as Kenneth, responding to the similarities.

Note: Jimmy’s not on the air yet. This is from a test show he did.

New Wilco album out this June!
// MP3s of live versions of the new songs

Thanks to Muzzle of Bees for the heads up.

Rolling Stone’s Smoking Section just got a first listen to seven of the songs on the new Wilco record and they say it sounds like a home run. Not only that, but it’ll be released in June! Confirmed tracks/titles are: “Wilco, The Song,” “Deeper Down,” “My Country Has Disappeared” and “Sunny Feeling.”

Yup. The same “Wilco, The Song” that the band wrote and performed for the Colbert Report. MP3s of all the new songs we have are below

MP3: Wilco – Wilco, the Song (live on the Colbert Report)
MP3: Wilco – untitled new song 1 (live at the Bridge School Benefit)
MP3: Wilco – untitled new song 2 (live at the Bridge School Benefit)
MP3: Wilco – One Wing (live at Lollapalooza)
MP3: Wilco – Sunny Feeling (live in Indianapolis)

What’s your pick so far? I think mine might go to “Sunny Feeling” for best new song.

[MP3] Phosphorescent: “Reasons to Quit” (Willie Nelson)

I didn’t realize Phosphorescent’s Willie Nelson covers album To Willie was already in stores until about a week ago. Oops. This is why I need a secretary to fill out a giant calendar for me. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with the album as I’d like, but I’ve enjoyed the time I have spent with it.

MP3: Phosphorescent – Reasons To Quit (Willie Nelson)
First of all, who even knew Willie Nelson even thought about quitting drugs and alcohol, let alone wrote a song about it? Good selection by Matt/Phosphorescent and a great performance. Even though he didn’t write the song, Matt still conveys a lot of emotion in his delivery — the key to a good cover.

Phosphorescent on Myspace

[VIDEO] Nana Grizol does “blackbox.” on the Pink Couch

I totally fell in love with Nana Grizol at the E6 Holiday Surprise show. To be that young and hold your own while playing your songs between ones by the Olivia Tremor Control, Apples in Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel really says something about your skill. Not only did he not lose the audience, but two Lexington pop-lovers (myself and Ross Compton) were wildly impressed.

So I was pretty jazzed to find this recording of Nana Grizol’s song “blackbox.” over at If You Make It’s feature “The Pink Couch.” It’s totally rad and has vocals contributed by Madeline, who is also way awesome. In fact, there’s a video of her and Nana Grizol playing one of her songs as well. Stream that one below after you’re done enjoying this.

Watch Madeline + Nana Grizol play her song “I Waited All Day”

And if you enjoyed Nana Grizol and want the full band experience, head over to The Flat Response, who is hosting a full bootleg of their 2/14 show, featuring lots of new and old songs. Great quality recording, too.

[CONTEST] Matt & Kim tickets to Louisville show

Matt & Kim are playing February 28 in Louisville at Skull Alley and I’ve got two tickets and a signed album going to the winner of this contest. I got to see them last year in Austin and I can tell you that they put on quite the show.

To enter, just leave a comment with your email and your favorite word that ends phonetically with “key.” (monkey, funky, etc)

I’ll pick a winner on the 26th, so watch your email!

Matt & Kim’s Grand is out now; check out the video for “Daylight” below: