[MP3] Anni Rossi: “Machine” & Radiohead cover

Anni Rossi was a completely random discovery today. My boss at the record store grabbed her new album Afton out of a pile of promos and tossed it on the speakers. I normally don’t like to play things that I don’t already know are or suspect will be awesome, but I quickly realized that Afton was nothing if not worth my time.

MP3: Anni Rossi – Machine
Anni Rossi is Joanna Newsom if she sang with the glee of Regina Spektor. Her voice is wild and occasionally frightening, but never sacrificing in beauty. Whereas most freaky folksters squawk and howl to express something ineffable, Anni puts it into words and puts anything she couldn’t explain through the lyrics into her delivery of them. Her words become like mid-sentence punctuation; syllables are her weapons and their damage is a bloody, gnarled gift. On “Machine,” Anni laments the dehumanization of humanity in these wild times, reminding us that we can’t be shortsighted with our lives or our culture.

Anni Rossi on Myspace

She also does a pretty sweet cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” that sounds like Final Fantasy completely losing his mind in a fantastic way.

Anni Rossi doing Radiohead’s “Creep” live

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