Bonnaroo leaks first lineup riddles!!

Photographed the first day of Bonnaroo 2008, inside a porta-potty

UPDATED: New clues added.

Bonnaroo has a tradition of hinting at their upcoming lineup with a series of riddles, some easy and some so dense that they’re nearly impenetrable. This year… looks like we’re in for a lot of density. Roo Clues has a comprehensive combing-through of all the chatter from the Inforoo boards and has guesses on each one of of them.

Peter Pan had a good roast before he was beat to a pulp, and the ocean spray from a westward bay invites you to take a big gulp.

Sun Ra said space is the place. Subtract Mr. Ra, the Arkestra too, add George Bailey and just a fraction of the universe of which a euro pop tart did zing.

Vermin at the hills brow are better than in the house.

Not Rockville bound, but near there; where it rocks and rolls

Popular guesses include Peter, Bjorn and John for #1 and Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus for #2. But who knows.

Three more clues are coming today, so have fun scratching your head and trying to solve these while you wait to go to Manchester this June!

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