[MP3] Madeline: “White Flag”

Shortly after posting on Madeline the first time, here I am doing it again. Cable and Tweed has a lot of info on Madeline’s new album White Flag, due out on Orange Twin March 10, including two sample songs.

MP3: Madline – White Flag
A part of me hates to write about female pop musicians because I always feel sexist for comparing them to other female musicians. But then again, I only compare male singers to other male singers, so what’s the worry? “White Flag” sounds like St. Vincent and My Brightest Diamond teaming up to write and arrange a song for Regina Spektor to sing. And if you know me or follow YANP at all, you’ll realize that’s one of the highest compliments I’ve given around here in a long time.

Madeline on Myspace

In completely unrelated news, the new issue of MAGNET is awesome. It’s their 15th anniversary, so they spend about half the magazine sharing weird stories from photo shoots or interviews in the band’s past. Included are stories about Tom Waits taking/wearing the clothes his interviewer had on during the photo shoot, trying to guess Kim Gordon’s age and getting drunk with Guided By Voices.

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