[CONTEST] Clem Snide’s frontman will write you a song!

I’ve been posting a little bit about Clem Snide’s new album Hungry Bird. Eef Barzelay, Clem Snide’s lead singer and songwriter, noticed and sent me a nice email asking how he might repay me for the kind words. Eventually we decided that it would be too hard to get me any homemade soup, so we cooked up the idea for this contest instead.

MP3: Clem Snide – Me No

I figured a special prize that will have a lot of work put into it by Eef demands a contest that will weed out the half-hearted. So to enter this contest, go to artPad and do a drawing for Eef. It can be about anything or of anything, just go wild. I’m not expecting this, but something beyond a stick figure would be nice.

To submit your painting, click the “save and send” button, the hit the “…but would like a link anyway” text link and copy/paste that url into a comment on this post.

And just to prove I’m a fair guy, here’s my own painting that I did in about two minutes: “Snake in a Wheelchair” by Matt Jordan.

The contest ends February 1. After that I’ll put you and Eef in touch to the point where he can fashion a song about either a story about you or just your general self. Eef will get his song written and recorded to you when he’s able to.

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