[MP3] Harlem: “Beautiful and Very Smart”

When I went to Texas for Philip’s Undiscovered Austin show, I found myself bored with the winners. I forget their name, but they just didn’t do anything for me. I did, however, enjoy a song by Harlem, one of the losers and the only band to not perform that night (they were out of town). I heard it on the GoGear player and dug it immediately. Unfortunately I have no idea what it was called. I’m fairly sure “Beautiful and Very Smart” isn’t it, but I’m posting this one because it’s also a very good song. So Harlem, if your aim was to lose Undiscovered Austin and get a post on You Ain’t No Picasso… mission accomplished.

MP3: Harlem – Beautiful & Very Smart
Hearing Harlem makes me want to move to Austin. “Beautiful and Very Smart” is well composed, if not quite a quality recording. It’s strong and shows a lot of promise for Harlem. They, like White Denim, are a band that clearly has a lot of influences collectively, but uses them so well that they’re likely to be doing the ones influencing before too long. They say they’re big Nirvana fans — which I don’t hear here; but they do remind me of a poppier version of the Whigs, who I do get the Nirvana vibe from live. And in a perfect world, Harlem would have their pick of paths: head one way and do the pop thing, or go the other way and rock out like White Denim and the Whigs. And if they can do either of those things well, it’s totally win-win for them.

Oh, and Harlem are doing a Cover of the Month project. This month’s MP3 is “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus — best known as the “penis tuck” song from Silence of the Lambs. Fun fact: the guy who played Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) is also the dude from Heat and Monk.

MP3: Harlem – Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus cover)

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