[DOWNLOAD] Belle & Sebastian’s Peel Christmas Party

I’m going to be working all day on projects and final papers to make sure I graduate next week. So if you can send any positive thoughts, prayers or magical powers to Lexington, KY it would be greatly appreciated. As my thanks, here’s Belle and Sebastian’s Peel Christmas Party. I used to get probably one email per month for two years asking me to repost this recording. Now’s your chance, fellas.

Two quick sample MP3s then you can snag the full thing. This really is one of the most fun B&S bootlegs I’ve ever heard; and as a great quality recording it’s a must-have.

MP3: Belle & Sebastian – Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto
MP3: Belle & Sebastian – Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me

And here’s the whole thing as a ZIP file:

ZIP: Belle & Sebastian – Peel Christmas Party

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