The Bicycles: “Won’t She Be Surprised”

I feel completely foolish to not have known that The Bicycles, creators of one of my favorite pop records of 2006 — The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly, put out a follow-up album this year. I swear I checked their Myspace page at least a dozen times to see if they had any new material! But what’s done is done. All that I can do now is sit here and enjoy the new songs they posted on their Myspace.

MP3: The Bicycles – Won’t She Be Surprised
Oh man, this is such a great song. At least, I think it’s a great song. Unfortunately a bit of the vocals desperately need to be separated and probably pushed up in the mix. But hey, it’s just more reason to pay close attention! “Won’t She Be Surprised” is a 70mph blast of happy, hoppy fun. They make great use of a flute and keyboard, too. Hats off all around, guys. This looks like a worthy follow-up to a great record.

The Bicycles on Myspace

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