Jason the Swamp: “Nobody Lives Down There”

Jason the Swamp: what a great way to come back from a “vacation.” And after four years of running YANP (I missed its birthday! Oops!) I consider posting three videos over three days a vacation. It’s good to be back in somewhat full force. I’ve stuffed myself with turkey, leftovers, chinese food and leftover chinese food (in that order) and am ready to buckle down. I’ve got a few papers to turn in this week, but nothing too bad. Anyway, here’s some great new music from Jason the Swamp.

MP3: Jason the Swamp – Nobody Lives Down There
Like I said the last time I wrote on Jason the Swamp, I said that it called to mind a lot of Animal Collective’s early to mid-career stuff. Now, one year later, I can still say the same thing. The production has gotten a lot better, but Jason the Swamp is still honing his skills in that area. “Nobody Lives Down There” sounds like the product of Grizzly Bear’s Horn of Plenty winding up in the hands of the Animal Collective in 2004. I’ve gotten through most of the album tonight and am really enjoying it. Luckily you don’t have to speculate, though; you can grab the whole album for free just by clicking that link below!

Download Jason and the Swamp albums at Rack and Ruin Records

I joined Twitter last week. Heaven help me. Here’s my profile for anyone who’s similarly afflicted.

[VIDEO] Q-Tip: “Move”

After enjoying the Q-Tip and Lykke Li duet at the MTVu awards, I was in the mode to check out The Renaissance, Q-Tip’s newest album. Once Chris told me it was going to be in his year end list, I knew I had to give it some time. After making my way through it a few times this week, I can see why I’ve heard it spoken of so highly online and at the record store. It’s a great record with great production. “Move” is probably my favorite track on the album, but far from the only great one. Because I usually shy away from posting major label MP3s, you’ll have to make due with the video to Q-Tip’s “Move” to sample the album — enjoy the visual reference to Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”.

[VIDEO] Jefferson Airplane do “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love” on the Smothers Brothers show

I’ve been listening to a lot of old stuff lately. The other day I was driving home listening to an oldies station and “Somebody to Love” came on the radio the perfect distance from my home. I got to belt it out along with Grace right up until I hit my street. So while “White Rabbit” is totally in the top two most overused music for “this character is tripping” scenes in movies/television and “Somebody to Love” probably cracks the top five most overused songs for Woodstock/hippie scenes, that doesn’t mean that they both aren’t amazing.

Happy Black Friday/turkey recovery day! I braved the crowds last year to get a deal on a new suit, but I’ll be staying in bed this year.

Elf Power recorded a Laundro Matinee video session

Head over to the Laundro Matinee to check out videos of Elf Power playing “A Tired Army” and a combo of “New Mythology” and “Paralyzed.” Seeing them this summer gave me even more respect for them — which is a tough thing to do. Actually, I guess I saw them three times this year (Lexington, Pitchfork and the E6 show), so maybe that’s why I like them more than ever now. Either way, check it out.

Watch Elf Power’s session on the Laundro Matinee

[VIDEO] The Bicycles: “Oh No, It’s Love”

Oh man. I’m just a week into finding out about the new Bicycles record Oh No, It’s Love and I’ve already posted on it a few times. It’s well deserved, though. The album (this song even more so) is fantastic. If you’re a fan of indie pop, it’s a must-grab. The video’s fantastic too. The Bicycles spend the first half “fighting” a dragon and the rest of it on a “rock party!” Cuuuute.

Buy Oh No, It’s Love on LaLa.com

Jens Lekman: “Water Runs Dry” (Boys II Men)

Thanks to Poptarts Suck Toasted for pointing me toward this cover. Jens has always done the best covers and this is no exception.

MP3 Jens Lekman – Water Runs Dry (Boyz II Men Cover)

Lekman put on one of my favorite shows of 2008. However, I haven’t heard too much about what he’s been up to since then. If anyone hears of him debuting a new song live or anything, email me!

I Come to Shanghai: “Houses on the Shore”

I don’t often get to my emails. However, I Come to Shanghai sold me on checking out this tune with the inclusion of one phrase: “Deerhoof, for example, is pretty much our favorite modern rock band.” That’s a pretty good way to get my attention. Downside is, now that it’s been used, I’ll be less likely to respond to it. Oh well.

MP3: I Come to Shanghai – Houses on the Shore
Since I’ll be neck-deep in Thanksgiving today, I’m going to hang this over to the band to describe. Suffice to say, I dig the song and thinks it shows great potential for their future endeavors.

It starts out with some woozy folk, hits a biggish chorus, and then goes for two rounds of Sam and I dueling on electric guitars while the drums try to beat their way out of a haze of tape distortion.

I Come to Shanghai on Myspace