Preacher to finally get made into a movie?

/Film is reporting that American Beauty director Sam Mendes is going to be helming the adaptation of the Preacher comic series into a film. I’m finishing up the series this week — it’s a long one — and all I can say to Mendes is “good luck.” It’s a 60+ issue series with more back story than Lost.

Preacher follows Jesse Custer, a southern reverend who winds up host to the spawn of a demon and an angel. Possibly now more powerful than God, Custer goes on a mission to find Him and give him a piece of his mind. Until he gets everything sorted out, his only power is the Word of God, which makes mortals and angels alike obey him. Oh yeah, and his best friend is a vampire and John Wayne’s ghost talks to him.

The only thing left to say is…Hey Hollywood, adapt Scud!

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