Holy Fuck @ Monolith 9.13.08

Fun fact: Googling “Holy Fuck myspace” at the Denver airport will result in a blocked page. Oh well. With the amount these guys are touring, not even internet filters will be able to keep them down.

Monolith was the first time I’d been able to talk to Holy Fuck since their SXSW performance. It seems like their popularity has really skyrocketed since then. They played to thousands of bobbing heads at Lollapalooza, opening the stage that Radiohead would later lay to waste; now they’re stopping to play one of America’s most beautiful venues before jumping off to Europe and Australia. You’ve gotta love it.

I think I was a little biased against Holy Fuck’s set at Monolith. Though it might be the best I’d seen them play, they had switched out their regular drummer Matt Schulz (also of Enon) for a new guy. They said Matt would be back in like two weeks or so, but it was still unfortunate to see them without him. But yeah, if I’m being honest, it might have been one of the best shows I’ve seen from them. Brian was also very sharply dressed, so I’m not sure if that might have played a factor.

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