[VIDEO] Lykke Li & Bon Iver do “Dance Dance Dance”

Weird. I’m not terribly big into either of these bands (one’s for Chris and one’s for Dodge), but I love this video. The audio’s great, but mostly I’m in love because they’re just having so much fun! These street-style fun videos are the best thing to happen to the music community in years.

Thanks to Chris for pointing out this video.

Stream the Decemberists’ new song “Valerie Plame”

Via Stereogum

Remember when I posted those six new Decemberists songs? Well they sound good in studio versions too. Here’s “Valerie Plame” from the upcoming “Always the Bridesmade” volume 1. The band will be playing it on Conan the night before the election (November 3rd).

Preorder the Decemberists’ Always the Bridesmade 7″ series

These United States do Daytrotter (again)

Fun fact: Jesse from These United States and Sean from Daytrotter went to the same college and didn’t realize it until they met in person for their first Daytrotter session.

But that’s not important. What is important is that TUS did their second session and it’s now available over at Daytrotter.

Hit up their Myspace for the full list of tour dates.

Crystal Moustache: “Zombie Heart”

A few weeks ago I made a resolution to listen to one new band per day. Guys, I am doing horribly with that resolution. However, I’m doing a lot better than I was. And more often than not, it’s resulted in some happy ears and a fuller iPod. Take Crystal Moustache for example; I gave them a shot and liked what I heard.

MP3: Crystal Moustache – Zombie Heart
Rolling Stone’s recent humor issue is full of interviews with great comedians, lots of whom lament that the internet has made it easy for people to publicize themselves so quickly. Great comedians, they say, need time to perfect their art before hitting people upside the head with it. If that’s the case, let’s hope I’m not ruining Crystal Moustache by throwing light on their music. The song’s nice, to be sure, but I’m really most impressed by their potential. “Zombie Heart” is a nice laid back song that avoids being overly simple in favor of some great seldom-trodden middle between weird and relaxing.

Crystal Moustache on Myspace

Department of Eagles share new non-album track “1997”

Grizzly Bear are one of the best American bands going. So is it any surprise that everyone’s crapping themselves over Dan’s side project Department of Eagles? Here’s a song so new that it’s not even on their upcoming record.

Watch the video of “1997” from Dept. of Eagles’ DUMBO session

I’d say it’s about average for Dan’s melodies, but right up there with some of his best guitar work. Just makes me miss the Chris’ (Taylor and Bear) production…

Ryland Bouchard (ex-Robot Ate Me) streams new box set

After Ryland stopped recording under the name The Robot Ate Me, I wondered if we’d ever hear from him again. But he dropped me an email today to say that he’s not only got new material, but it’s already for sale!

MP3: Ryland Bouchard – Married to the Ground

Check out his site for a giant box set that contains four colored seven-inch records, an illustrated book, an engraved wood holding box, a tshirt, a carrying bag, a CD with the audio of all four EPs, a full-length CD of b-sides and unreleased songs, a DVD (that promises “explicit content”), a poster and apparently even more stuff.

I’ve been loving the songs he’s got streaming on his site. His new stuff reminds me a lot of Nick’s material from back in the early days of the Unicorns (especially “Married to the Ground”).

Preorder Ryland Bouchard’s Seeds

Green Jelly playing Lexington tonight??

Now, I was far from a punk rocker as a child, but Green Jelly somehow intersected my life. If I had to guess how, I’d say that they gave a song to a video game I liked. Regardless, they’re playing tonight at the Fishtank (yeah, I know). I might go check it out, depending on how I’m feeling after Heroes.

Green Jelly “Three Little Pigs”

Stream Polyphonic Spree’s Nightmare Before Christmas cover

Whoa baby. This is one of the weirdest covers the Polyphonic Spree have ever done — and they’ve done more than their fair share. You might remember that, back in August, I said that the Spree would be contributing a cover of a song from the Nightmare Before Christmas for a compilation. I won’t share my opinions on the other bands on the comp, but this is likely one of like four songs you could be interested in.

Stream the Nightmare Before Christmas covers album

Crazy song. My favorite part is definitely the section after “and they call him Sandy Claws.”

After you’ve streamed it, compare it to the original