Spoon’s New Song: “Writing to You In Reverse”

This is an unknown Spoon song that was recorded at this summer’s Pitchfork festival. I downloaded the bootleg a while back, but am just now getting to enjoy it again. I’m going to go ahead and call this one a new Spoon song rather than a cover because it sounds so Spoon-y. Known differently? Help me out and share some insights!

MP3: Spoon – Writing to You In Reverse (new song; live at Pitchfork)
I remember about two years ago when Spoon’s “Don’t Make Me a Target” first leaked on the web as a low quality live recording. That one had me crazily excited for their next record — which would eventually become Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, a career highlight for the band — but this song has me even more hopeful. “Writing To You In Reverse” is every Spoon album crunched up into a single-worthy tune. There’s some wild, dissonant guitar and a great fuzzed-out bass line that, like many Spoon songs, really works well with the clanking piano. And through it all, Britt is showing us why he’s one of the most unique melody makers out there today. Great, great song.

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