Six New Songs by the Decemberists

While watching the Americans destroy every gymnast in the world I stumbled upon a bunch of new Decemberists songs. I haven’t been keeping up with the band lately (most of these are from earlier this year), but a few of these might win me back. “The Hazards of Love 1 and 2” in particular sounds amazing; it reminds me of Radiohead’s “Follow Me Around” — and it’s not just the tuning.

All of these are live recordings.

MP3: Colin Meloy – Burying Avy
MP3: Colin Meloy – Hazards of Love 1 and 2
MP3: Colin Meloy – Night/Rake
MP3: Colin Meloy – Valery Plame
MP3: Colin Meloy – Hazards of Love 3
MP3: Colin Meloy – Raincoats

MP3: The Decemberists – Zoot

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