Broken Social Scene @ Lollapalooza 8.02.08

I’ve never really been a Broken Social Scene fan. I’ve seen them live, listened to their records and even checked out some solo projects. Nothing really clicked for me. But as I flippantly remarked to Joe while waiting for BSS’ pre-Wilco set to start, “Maybe this time will be what turns me into a fan.”

Surprise, surprise. Looks like this was the time that turned me into a fan. It seemed like the band could do no wrong in their hour-long set. They trotted out songs from Kevin and Brendan’s solo records, BSS classics as well as an Apostle of Hustle song (!!).

Awesome setlist choices aside, Broken Social Scene really know how to entertain an audience. Each member was treating their performance as if it was up to them to carry the whole show — not in a spotlight-stealing way, but in a way that they gave it everything they had. Brendan jumped around, Andrew frequently assumed a punk rock, wide stance and rocked out, and Kevin made sure the crowd got into the performance by occasionally asking for us to yell or hold a note.

However, the clear winner of the day was Amy Millan. After her star singing role, she continued to bring her charm to the stage. She was (sadly) the only girl out of the group to show up, but she brough enough cheer with her for the whole crowd. During one song she pranced around the stage taking pictures of her bandmates before sharing a microphone … and taking a picture with the guy she was sharing the mic with. Cute.

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