Spoon’s New Song: “Writing to You In Reverse”

This is an unknown Spoon song that was recorded at this summer’s Pitchfork festival. I downloaded the bootleg a while back, but am just now getting to enjoy it again. I’m going to go ahead and call this one a new Spoon song rather than a cover because it sounds so Spoon-y. Known differently? Help me out and share some insights!

MP3: Spoon – Writing to You In Reverse (new song; live at Pitchfork)
I remember about two years ago when Spoon’s “Don’t Make Me a Target” first leaked on the web as a low quality live recording. That one had me crazily excited for their next record — which would eventually become Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, a career highlight for the band — but this song has me even more hopeful. “Writing To You In Reverse” is every Spoon album crunched up into a single-worthy tune. There’s some wild, dissonant guitar and a great fuzzed-out bass line that, like many Spoon songs, really works well with the clanking piano. And through it all, Britt is showing us why he’s one of the most unique melody makers out there today. Great, great song.

Scourge of the Sea: “Tropical Place”

Yeah! It’s been a while since Lexington’s Scourge of the Sea shared any new songs with us, but that day has finally come. Andrew English called me up today with the good news that they’ve finished recording two new songs and are ready to share!

Link fixed! Sorry about that

MP3: Scourge of the Sea – Tropical Place
I kind of regret mentioning that Scourge are from Lexington and friends of mine. I feel like that might turn a few of you off to checking this out — you know, nepotism and all that. But don’t let that fool you (in fact, it’s generally harder to get on here if we’re friends); these guys are fantastic. “Tropical Places” is like a youthful, fun Iron and Wine or some track that should really have been on the Garden State soundtrack. It’s great laid-back folk-pop that makes me want to lay out on a hill overlooking our moderately sized city of Lexington and just think about all it has to offer.

Scourge of the Sea on Myspace

Scourge are also currently shopping around for a label, so if you know anyone who’s looking for something good to release in the near future…

Oh No! Oh My! finish EP, plan free release to fans

YANP-fav Oh No! Oh My! has just announced that not only have they finished up their next EP, they’re going to be releasing it sooner than you might think. Though its official release will be sometime in October, the band say that they’ll be giving it away to several hundred of their fans before then. This might have something to do with Last.fm plays — bad news for big ON!OM! fans who don’t have Last.fm… like myself.

Oh No! Oh My! EP Tracklist
1. Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman
2. The Boy With An Anchor
3. Be A Star
4. Go To Work
5. I Painted Your House

The EP will be online-only for the time being, but a physical release might not be too far off. But until it gets into our hands, we’ll all just have to wonder if “Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman” is some Bowie tribute or not.

Intelligence cover the Magnetic Fields on new 7″, tour

Intelligence will be releasing a new covers 7-inch through Plastic Idol Records. The A-side will be a cover of the Magnetic Fields’ “Fido Your Leash Is Too Long,” with a cover of the Splits’ “Shitty World” as the B-side. Sounds crazy? It is. Here’s their wacky take on Stephin Merritt’s already wacky tune:

MP3: Intelligence – Fido Your Leash Is Too Long (Magnetic Fields)

Additionally, Intelligence will be putting out a split with Thee Ohsees. Intelligence will contribute unreleased songs and a cover of the Vulvetts’ “Sunny Backyard” with Thee Ohsees adding two songs of their own. That’ll be out on mt. st. mtn.

Intelligence on Myspace

And they’re going out on tour right now, so be sure to check the tour dates below!

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[CONTEST] Last call to win a Monolith Festival weekend pass!

OK guys, it’s time for the big one. Tomorrow, Friday August 29, I’ll be picking the last winner of a free pass to the Monolith Festival in Colorado. They’ve got a great lineup of everybody from Justice and TV on the Radio to Band of Horses and Vampire Weekend. So head over here and throw in your entry to win a ticket.

To enter, just comment on that post with your favorite festival memory and leave your email. I’ll contact you late tomorrow if you’re the lucky winner!

See you guys there!