Caribou @ Pitchfork 7.19.08

Caribou had an unfortunately troubling soundcheck that put them about 15 minutes behind schedule. Adding to their misery was that the sound guy wasn’t being too nice about it from what I could hear. Oh yeah, and that’s when it started really raining.

MP3: Caribou – Melody Day

Once they got everything all worked out, the show was off to a fantastic start. They started off with “Sundialing,” and used that to lead into a great take on Andorra‘s single “Melody Day.” I’d never realized how downright fierce the drums are on Caribou’s songs, but you really feel it live — part of that is probably the dueling drum kits facing each other.

Dan’s voice was in great shape, the band sounded awesome and both Dan and his co-drummer are going in my mental list of “favorite indie drummers.” My only regret is that I had to leave before I could hear “Eli,” which has really grown on me over the past year. Oh well; maybe next time.

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