Of Montreal ready “Id Engager” seven-inch

I hope you guys are ready for me to spend the next few months featuring Of Montreal on every third or fourth post. Now that we’re somewhat near the Skeletal Lamping release month, details about their many projects are starting to trickle in. The newest is that the band will be releasing the “Id Engager” seven-inch next month in advance of the album.

Order the “Id Engager” seven-inch from Polyvinyl

Unless my command of the English language has failed me (yet again), it looks like you get three copies of this record all on different colors of vinyl for $10 + s/h. What a deal. I don’t remember the last time I ordered something online, but I sure did snap this up with no hesitation.

Can’t wait for the new record? Why not go read (or re-read) my interview with Kevin Barnes.

[CONTEST] Win tickets to We Are Scientists’ Friday NYC show

Guys, there’s a new bar set for kindness in the blog world. No, don’t worry; this isn’t about me. Rather, I’m talking about Melissa, a fantastically kind NYC reader and music fan who gave me two tickets to We Are Scientists’ show at the Bowery this Friday to pass along to one lucky YANP reader!

To enter, leave your name and email address in the comments.

I’ll be picking a winner tomorrow morning before I skip off to Lollapalooza. I’ll email the winner to let them know they won and to pass along their contact info to Melissa, who will be meeting them at the Bowery door with two (2) [dos] tickets.

[VIDEO] Jason Forrest: “War Photographer”

I’m spending today moving into a new house. So much fun to be had there… Anyway, here’s something great that I haven’t seen in a long while. This is a fantastic video for Jason Forrest’s “War Photographer.”

Fun fact: a large chunk of “War Photographer” is cut up from Blood, Sweat and Tears’ “Spinning Wheel.”

The Morning Benders share covers EP

I have no idea why it took me so long to get around to posting on this. I friggin love the Morning Benders and I really love covers. Sounds like a no brainer, huh?

MP3: The Morning Benders – He’s a Rebel (the Crystals; from Bedroom Covers)

The Morning Benders assembled their computer mic and did a couple quick and beautiful covers of some of pop music’s best bands: the Smiths, Paul Simon, the Beach Boys, the Ronettes, Fleetwood Mac and tons more. The best part? They’re offering all these as a free download over at their site:

Download The Bedroom Covers by the Morning Benders

[VIDEO] Bishop Allen do “Click Click Click” at Primavera

I was doing some random Youtubing and found this professional video of Bishop Allen at Spain’s Primavera festival. They picked a good one to record/post to the web, “Click Click Click” is definitely one of Bishop Allen’s best tunes.

While we’re on the topic, what’s new with Bishop Allen? Well the group have spent the year working on new songs and new movies. There may be a new record or EP out this year, who knows. One thing’s for sure, though; the group have recorded their appearance in the new Michael Cera movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist where they play themselves playing their own music. Killer. And to keep with that old internet axiom: “pics or it didn’t happen.”

Poison Control Center with Bill Doss: “Jumping Fences” (Olivia Tremor Control cover)

Poor Bill Doss. Every time I see him I have to fight the urge — usually unsucessfully — to ask if the Olivia Tremor Control are ever getting back together. But it looks like everything OTC-fan related isn’t so annoying for Bill; here’s an MP3 of him joining the OTC-loving band Poison Control Center for a version of their classic song “Jumping Fences.”

MP3: The Poison Control Center + Bill Doss – Jumping Fences (Olivia Tremor Control)

Thanks to Things Chris Recorded for the MP3. You can head over there and snag the entire show if you like!

Spoon: “Rocks Off” (Rolling Stones)

Hope you all like Spoon, because I’ve got a lot of goodies coming up. First on the docket is this live cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Rocks Off.”

MP3: Spoon – Rocks Off (Rolling Stones)
Oh those lovely horns! Like I said in my review of their Pitchfork show, the brass section really helps Britt and co. knock their already phenomenal songs out of the park — only in this case it’s not their song they’re knocking out of the park. The Rolling Stones’ “Rocks Off” not only helps Spoon establish themselves as one of the Kings of indie rock, they totally give credence to my inclusion of the Stones as a “RIYL” for Spoon. Thanks, guys.

Spoon on Myspace