NEW Blitzen Trapper: “Furr”

While cleaning my room I discovered an unopened package from Sub Pop. Shocked and a little angry at myself for this mistake, I immediately tore it open and stuck the accompanying CD in my computer. Turns out that it was a sampler of all the albums Sub Pop is going to release this year, including this new song by YANP-favs Blitzen Trapper. This is the title track off their upcoming record, Furr, due out this September on (duh) Sub Pop.

MP3: Blitzen Trapper – Furr
This isn’t Blitzen Trapper’s best song, but it might be really close. Sure, I miss the jarring, dissonant elements of Wild Mountain Nation, but this song is just fantastic. It’s like a late 60s love song to religion, faith, nature and individuality. The song begins: “When I was only seventeen I could hear the angels whispering. So I drove into the woods and wandered aimlessly about until I heard my mother shouting through the fog.” From there they find God through nature and humanity through love. It’s just great. Thanks for the birthday present, Sub Pop!

Blitzen Trapper on Myspace

And if you haven’t read Blender’s oral history of Sub Pop, I strongly suggest it. The money quote: Krist [Novoselic, of Nirvana] coming over to kick my ass was the biggest blessing of my life.

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