R.E.M: “See No Evil” (Television cover)

I got back from Athens last night, showered, checked my email and drove off to begin the journey to Bonnaroo. And while I’m anxious to get on the road to my favorite festival, I wanted to do one last mention of something from Georgia.

Thanks to the Bat and the Bird for this MP3.

MP3: R.E.M. – See No Evil
Tuesday I shared a drink with some friends at Transmetropolitan. While there they were playing a weird and wonderful mix of strange covers, mostly by unrecognizable covering artists. Shortly before we left they turned on this cover, which I didn’t even knew existed. R.E.M. play it pretty close to the original on this one (which is advisable with a band as monumentally influential as Television), but do a little customization of the classic tune. Most notably they switch up the solo and add a few light REM-styled licks occasionally peppered in between the classic riffs. All in all, quite the good cover.

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