[VIDEO] Kraftwerk: “Computer Liebe” (live)

Yesterday I fell in liebe love. Against my better financial judgment, I went ahead and bought my first laptop. Yeah, I know. Shocking, right? I’m a daily blogger of almost four years, cross-country festival photographer and all-around nerd and I’ve never owned a laptop until now. Shocking. Well I’m proud to announce that the object of my affection is a five pound bundle of joy known as a MacBook. This is the first post I’ve whipped up on it — I figured I’d take it easy on the poor guy; it’ll be having its trial by fire soon at Bonnaroo — but I look forward to many more punched out on its keys.

MP3: Kraftwerk – Computer Love

But on to the video, yeah? I’ve always had a soft spot for “Computer Love” (or this, its german version) because it was my introduction to Kraftwerk. When Coldplay was readying their last record, I read somewhere that the leaked song “Talk” had taken its riff note-for-note from these German pioneers. Always eager to have a way of badmouthing a formerly-great band who’d taken a turn for the inoffensive and bland, I downloaded the song. Over time I grew to appreciate it as something more than a (perceived) symbol of Coldplay’s “blah”ness. It’s strung out, yet dancy; glitchy, yet melodic. There’s a reason my music gods consider Kraftwerk gods, and this live version only expands upon that genius.

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