[VIDEO] James Bond: Quantum of Solace trailer

In my early high school days, I was minutely obsessed with James Bond. I read the books, watched the films and relished the self-referential jokes and winks to the audience (“Never Say Never”). While my attention wained over the years, I still had a soft spot for old James. While in the dorms at college, some of my most relaxing days were spent watching Bond marathons on tv with my roommate. We’d order chinese food and watch the bad guys get kicked in the teeth. And while I liked Brosnan as Bond, Daniel Craig has revitalized my love of England’s second-best fictional crime fighter. Here’s the trailer for his second go-around as James Bond. It looks great.

Watch the trailer over at /Film

Girl Talk, Silver Jews announce Louisville shows

Woo! Another great round of Louisville shows have been announced. The front half of my calendar year was a little dry locally. Minus the awesomeness of MusicNOW!, it’s been a little sparse around here. But the second half has My Morning Jacket, Grizzly Bear (which I have to miss), Elf Power, Vampire Weekend, Nine Inch Nails and now Girl Talk and the Silver Jews.

Silver Jews are playing Louisville on August 27 at Headliner’s with Girl Talk playing November 7 at the same.

For more information, including a full list of great concerts around the Kentucky area, hit up the You Aint No Picasso concert calendar

Spiritualized: “True Love Will Find You In the End” (Daniel Johnston cover)

I was enjoying Spiritualized’s Songs in A & E the other day when I ran into this cover of Daniel Johnston’s classic song “True Love Will Find You in the End.”

MP3: Spiritualized – True Love Will Find You In the End
The best thing about the original song is its simplicity; Spiritualized keeps it simple here too. Even the beautiful strings are never too much — they compliment the song rather than overpower it. It’s a great cover of a song that would be easy to overdo.

Spiritualized on Myspace

Bearsuit Announce US Tour Dates

UK outfit Bearsuit announced a new set of US tour dates a little bit ago. I hear they put on quite the show, but missed them at SXSW; catch them if you’re able!

MP3: Bearsuit – Foxy Boxer

Bearsuit Tour Dates
October 12th – Cambridge, Boston MA
October 13th – New York NY
October 14th – Philadelphia PA
October 15th – Cleveland OH
October 16th – Ypsilanti MI
October 17th – Grand Rapids MI
October 18th – Chicago IL
October 19th – St Louis MO
October 20th – Indianapolis IN
October 21st – Pittsburgh PA
October 22nd – Saturday 25th – CMJ New York NY

Bearsuit on Myspace

Wax Fang @ The Dame 6.20.08

There’s a strong possibility that Wax Fang’s show was the last I’ll ever see at the Dame. Lexington’s last real venue closed down Sunday after years of serving the community — and more importantly, me — with fantastic live music. But try as I might to be overly emotional about it, Wax Fang’s performance was a great cap to our beloved venue’s life.

MP3: Wax Fang – World War II pt 2

Wax Fang’s set was recorded for an eventual release by the band. Scott told me before the show that the computer they brought crashed shortly after getting it up and running in Lexington. One band member drove back to Louisville to get another computer, had their phone battery die and then ran out of gas a few miles from their destination. Fun. They eventually got it all sorted out and the show was recorded as originally intended.

I’ve seen Wax Fang many times now (including a performance at my work — nothing beats seeing a show on the clock); this was easily the best performance they’ve ever given. It started off with a kazoo choir including 2/3 of Wax Fang and all of the Whigs while Scott started it off right.

I’m not sure exactly how long Wax Fang played, but I think they knocked out most of their two records during that time. I never waver in thinking that they’re a great band, but this show reminded me that a huge percent of their songs are miles beyond most of their contemporaries. “Bi Polar Bear?” Great. “Wold War II pt 2?” Great. “The Doctor Will See You Now?” “Sweet Bloody Murder?” Even better than those last ones.

But the biggest surprise to the night was that it wasn’t just a great show — it was a great party. Bags upon bags of confetti and glitter were thrown into the crowd from all directions. About a dozen balls and balloons were kept in the air by a sold-out crowd. It was just a great time from start to finish. And as if one set of it wasn’t enough, they came back for a ripping encore that included a Hendrix cover. Now all I can do is drink a PBR in remembrance of the Dame and wait for Wax Fang to make that recording available.

The Hotcakes: “I’m a Gun”

If I had an A&R person for my imaginary record label, my friend Katherine would be in the running. She was raving about Vampire Weekend after one of their first NYC shows, alerted me to love-her-or-hate-me artist Ivana XL and now she can add another one to the list.

MP3: The Hotcakes – I’m a Gun
I feel like this song leads a dual life. It’s partly characteristic of some radio-friendly late-90s girl rock with its slinky, simple verses; however, it also bursts forth with its’ “But I’m a gun, baby!” chorus that makes me think of a lot of ballsier bands like Sleater-Kinney.

The Hotcakes on Myspace

Liked this song? Check out “Mister, Mister” on their Myspace, which sounds a bit like Sons and Daughters.

Features album Some Kind of Salvation now digitally released

Sneak attack! Proving that 2008 is the year of the stealthy releases, The Features follow in the footsteps of pretty much everyone by releasing their third full-length with no advance notice. Tricky devils. You can purchase the record on Amazon right now for about nine dollars. I’ve never bought one through Amazon (or iTunes, for that matter) but this is pretty tempting.

Buy Some Kind of Salvation on Amazon

You can also go stream three of the new Features songs at their Mypsace.

[CONTEST] Giving Away Monolith Festival Tickets

Band of Horses are set to rock Monolith Festival this September

I picked the first winner. Jess was selected at random to receive one ticket. I’ll be selecting the second winner based on the detail/passion/interestingness of their story sometime in the next month.

Seeing as how it’s my birthday, I thought it might be nice to give out a present.

As you might remember, I’m giving away two tickets to the Monolith Music Festival, which takes place this September 13 and 14 at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. If you go there and leave a comment with the best festival performance you’ve ever seen (never been to one? Youtube counts); I’ll pick the first of two winners tonight.

Again, please don’t enter if you can’t make it. Also remember to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Good luck!