Magic Weapon: “Residue Hymns”

I’ve been following Magic Weapon for a little while now and I’m glad to say that they’ve now got a really solid EP for sale. The Residue Hymns EP is a nice release by members of Sunset Rubdown, Miracle Fortress and Shapes n Sizes. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Yeah, it is.

MP3: Magic Weapon – Residue Hymns
In the past, I’ve used Animal Collective as a loose “sounds like” for the band. And while I’m not ready to throw that out the window, the title track of the new EP is definitely sounding more like a combination of the band’s Sunset Rubdown and Miracle Fortress sides.

Here’s another of my favorite Magic Weapon songs. It’s not on the “Residue Hymns” EP, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it.

MP3: Magic Weapon – Cloudy People

Magic Weapon on Myspace
Order Residue Hymns for $7


Eric Harvey of Marathonpacks did a great interview with Spoon over at Pitchfork.

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