Free Blood: “Grumpy”

I downloaded this new Free Blood track after getting it stuck in my head when it was on Pitchfork, but subsequently forgot where I downloaded it. Oops. Luckily I found it while cleaning up my external HD today. Free Blood is Madeline Davy and John Pugh (formerly of !!!).

MP3: Free Blood – Grumpy
Setting aside the fact that this is probably going to be hipster crack for the summer, “Grumpy” is a really, really good song. The undeniable !!! roots and clever lyrics urge us to keep going at all costs — even grammatical ones (“That’s not a period, it’s a comma.”)

Free Blood on Myspace


Indie Torrents is shutting down. Bummer, I know. I’ve never been big on torrent sites, but I have many fond memories of #IT. In honor of their eminent passing, IT are doing away with ratios and letting downloaders have at it.

Tay Zonday does “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

That’s right. It’s Tay Zonday of “Chocolate Rain” fame covering Rick Astley’s now-infamous “Never Gonna Give You Up,” AKA Rickrolling. I think the internets just exploded

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