[VIDEO] The Acorn: “The Flood pt. 1”

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Miles Kurosky of Beulah finishes solo album

Image via Magnet Magazine

MP3: Beulah – Psycho Killer (Talking Heads cover)

Hard to Find a Friend just posted their stellar interview with the ex-Beulah frontman Miles Kurosky. In it he drops a few recollections on Beulah’s career and some information about his upcoming solo album. I don’t think I’m alone when I say this is some of the best news I’ve heard all year.


Pitchfork gives the deets on the new Wolf Parade album Kissing the Beehive, out June 17.

La Blogotheque has new Take Away Shows with R.E.M.. Big congrats to those guys for all their success.

And lastly, Stereogum assembled another tribute album. This time around it’s to Bjork’s Post and features inspired contributions from Dirty Projectors, Evangelicals and a great Final Fantasy/Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) team-up.

Man Man @ Headliner’s 3.20.08

I’ve seen Man Man five or more times now and each time the audience is wildly different. The first time I saw them at the Dame, no one — including myself — quite knew what was going on. Later, when catching them at the Southgate House, two under-agers warned me that my camera’s safety was in danger because “they were going to get wild.” Last time at the Dame was probably my favorite, what with the dancing people in fruit costumes (grape guy, you’re the winner) and everyone else (me) drunk on bourbon after UK’s win over LSU earlier in the evening.

But this time was different in a few different ways. People knew Man Man and they knew how to have fun. Some people blew bubbles, some brought their own noisemakers and lots of people came armed with drawn-on mustaches. These people were ready.

MP3: Man Man – Top Drawer

The men men of Man Man treated us to lots of cuts from their new record Rabbit Habits as well as some ones from their first two records. The more I hear the new songs live, the more I’m convinced that this is their best album yet. Songs like “Mister Jung Stuffed,” “Hurly/Burly” and “Harpoon Fever” hit hard on the album, but hit their hardest when there’s an enthusiastic band two feet from your face.

In the closing songs of Man Man’s set, the focus quickly shifted onto the girls. One girl jumped on stage and danced along, much to the enjoyment of the band. Honus and Pow Pow traded laughs until she eventually left the stage during a slow section. Then, when thanking the crowd as he left the stage, Honus was pawed by several girls, one of whom hugged his chair once he was gone. Cute.

Lots more photos below…

Continue reading Man Man @ Headliner’s 3.20.08

The Nastys: “Taste Back”

So I completely spaced on the new Know Your Own vol 3 compilation that corrals together the best bands in Lexington. Over the next few days I’ll be highlighting a few of my favorite tracks off the compilation in hopes that the goodness of Lexington will spread to surrounding areas via the magic of the internets. First up is the Nastys, who you might remember from the YANP-sponsored free show Vampire Weekend played in Lexington last year.

MP3: The Nastys – Taste Back
First of all, let me just get it out of the way that the crazy-catchy “whoa-wa-oh” in this song reminds me so much of some other song and I just can’t put my finger on it. Oh well. The point is that it’s an amazing part of the song. Major kudos to anyone who names it for me, though.

Now on to the real meat of the song. I love “Taste Back” for two reasons. Number one, it’s just a sloppy proto-punk tune that will no doubt appeal to fans of White Denim and the Black Lips while also reminding me of a less sissified version of Hot Hot Heat (remember “Get My Name?” Yeah, it’s like that) Secondly, it’s actually got a good basis for the song besides being powerful and catchy. You might have to tease out a bit of the meaning, but it quickly tracks a relationship from the meeting (“Sweetheart, won’t you be mine? / I wanna show you a good time.”) up through the breakup. But whereas most breakups end in a request for CDs, sweatshirts and other assorted junk back, the Nastys want their taste back. Their girl went and co-opted her man’s entire sense of individuality. How low is that?

The Nastys on Myspace

Speaking of Lexington, Throw Me the Statue is playing with Duke Spirit and Port O’Brien at the Dame. Get there early because TMTS are on first.

The Dame forced to close, looking for new location

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

The popular downtown music venue The Dame will close on the downtown block targeted for a $250 million hotel and condominium complex.

Joe Rosenberg, who owns the building, last night called it “an agreed separation for a sum of money.” The Dame has 90 days to move out once the check has been delivered, Rosenberg said.

[Dame talent buyer Nick] Sprouse said The Dame faces two immediate dilemmas: finding a new home and finding the money to move.

The Dame does not want to close, he said. “We want to remain downtown. We feel we are an important part of the downtown revitalization that’s happened in the past five or six years.

My journalism classes have taught me to stay impartial when reporting — good thing this is a blog and not a newspaper. I’ve got to say that the downtown plan is absolutely the worst thing I could think of for Lexington. With the Dame out of commission for God knows how long (try booking bands for the new location you don’t have yet), Lexington’s without a dedicated live music venue. Now add in the mix that Buster’s (which will also be torn down) is my favorite bar in town and it’s only getting worse. A giant hotel/condo/business space at the cost of the only reason I go downtown? No thanks.

It saddens me to say this, but Lexington is quickly eroding away every reason I have to stay here.Cheap Hoodia Gordonii HG p57
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Wale feat. Bun B & Pusha T: “Back in the Go-Go”

Thanks to Passion of the Weiss for hipping me to this Wale track. I saw him do a few songs in San Fran at Noise Pop, but didn’t know anything about him then.

MP3: Wale feat. Bun B & Pusha T – Back in the Go-Go
Wale completely rocks this one, but you’ve got to give props to two of the finest southeast rappers out there. Bun B of UGK and Pusha T of everybody’s favorite act, the Clipse, help turn this from really good to great. Here’s hoping 2008 is the year of Wale.

[VIDEO] R.E.M. cover Editors’ “Munich”

Here’s R.E.M. covering the Editors’ song “Munich” for the BBC’s Radio 1. Man, I’m really hoping that they pop up on the bill for some midwest festivals. Lollapalooza? Late Bonnaroo addition? If nothing else, I got to stand in the street and listen to them for a minute at SXSW. Cheap Herbal Phentermine
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Nine Inch Nails Plan Tour, Play KY

Looks like Nine Inch Nails are giving me another chance. After missing them on the tour that would go on to be one of my favorite concert DVDs, they’re again going to be playing Lexington’s Rupp Arena. Add to the mix the rumor of a Lollapalooza show and you’ve got one great summer in the works.

Nine Inch Nails Tour Dates
07-25 Pemberton, British Columbia – Pemberton Festival
07-26 Seattle, WA – Key Arena at Seattle Center
07-28 Edmonton, Alberta – Rexall Place
07-29 Calgary, Alberta – Pengrowth Saddledome
07-31 Winnipeg, Manitoba – MTS Centre
08-02 Minneapolis, MN – Target Center
08-05 Toronto, Ontario – Air Canada Centre
08-07 Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena
08-08 Worcester, MA – DCU Center
08-12 Knoxville, TN – Knoxville Civic Coliseum
08-13 Duluth, GA – Gwinnett Arena
08-15 Oklahoma City, OK – Ford Center
08-16 Houston, TX – Toyota Center
08-18 Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
08-20 Saint Louis, MO – Scottrade Center
08-22 Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena
08-23 Auburn Hills, MI – Palace of Auburn Hills
08-27 East Rutherford, NJ – Izod Center
08-29 Philadelphia, PA – Wachovia Center
08-31 Lexington, KY – Rupp Arena
09-02 Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheater
09-03 Salt Lake, City UT – The E Center of West Valley
09-05 Oakland, CA – Oracle Arena
09-06 Inglewood, CA – The Forum

And in unrelate-but-still-awesome news, a ton of new performers just got added to this year’s Pitchfork fest. That includes Ghost and Rae of the Wu, Dinosaur Jr. and Lexington’s own the Apples in Stereo.

My First Time …with De Novo Dahl

Here’s the next installment of My First Time, the interview series that gives a little peek into the musical firsts of some bands I’ve been crushing on as of late. This go-around it’s Joel from the Nashville pop group De Novo Dahl, whose new record Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound is out now in stores everywhere.

MP3: De Novo Dahl – Shout

My First Time …with De Novo Dahl

First record you bought
I think it was Betty by Helmet or Bleach by Nirvana…. although I used gift certificates two years earlier for Phil Collins’ greatest hits and MC Hammer’s first album. I remember buying Ugly Kid Joe at some point too… I hope I never hear that band again.

First record that changed your life
I would have to say Simon and Garfunkel’s greatest hits. My mom played it a bit and I eventually made her put it on anytime we were in the car together. She also gave me a steady stream of Neil diamond and Billy Joel, some Willie Nelson and the Oakridge Boys. The first cd I bought for myself that changed my life was Mercury Rev’s See You on the Other Side. It made me understand that pop can still be fun and weird and quirky.

First concert you attended
Petra — pure Nashville Christian rock. I went to a lot of Christian rock shows as a kid. I grew up in church. My father is a pastor and I was bombarded with Christian and country music since I was a little boy. When I was 14 or 15 I started going to punk shows at Lucy’s record shop on Church Street in Nashville. That really changed me. I saw a show where the singer was being shot with a dart gun by his buddy while piercing his own nipple. Some of my friends were older, so I had rides out to all age shows at Lucys any night of the week. Me and my friends would usually spend the entire weekend there; it didn’t matter who was playing. I did see Cat Power there on a very early tour. Lambchop. Daphne’s Operation. Bert. Brazen Youth. Methadone Actors. All sorts of people for 15 and 16 year old to see night in and night out. We didn’t even socialize much… just went to lucys…. $5 and a front row education 3 or 4 nights a week.

First concert that blew you away
Spiritualized at the cotton club in Atlanta. Amazing songs, sound, and lights. I was totally into the British shoe gazer creation records sound and it was the next best thing to getting to see my bloody valentine.

First time playing live
I sang in church choir and in school musicals and stuff. I loved to sing and volunteered for a anything I could sing in. I think I got busted singing to myself while daydreaming a thousand times as a kid. So I guess I have been performing since whenever.

First tour horror stories, unexpectedly great shows, etc
The first long tour with the nudie suits presented many strange smells.

First instrument you learned and/or first piece of equipment you loved
I still have barely learned guitar. I banged on pots and pans until I was 9. I am still pretty good at playing kitchen wear. I love my bright orange Roland cube sixty guitar amp from the 80’s.

First band you were a part of
Hi-ya Phonics – we kind of tried to be Sonic Youth meets the Ramones. I was 15 or 16.

First song you wrote and/or recorded
Gibvic or nurses for nuns – with Hi-ya Phonics

First awesome thing that happened solely because you were in a band
Chicks started talking to me.

First horrible thing that happened solely because you were in a band
Got hassled by cops and teachers. You saw footloose…. it was kind of like that.

First reactions from your family when you played them your music
My mom said something charming in a sweet southern accent I’m sure and my father stood with a stoic soft grin of encouragement and acceptance.

First musical obsession (band, song, singer, genre or otherwise)
Air Supply around age five or six. I would take my mom’s tape and play it in my room and sing along to “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” in the mirror with a spider man cape and cowboy boots on… not much has changed I guess.