Oh No! Oh My!: “Be A Star”
(Daytrotter session)

Oh No! Oh My! just added this song to their Myspace profile and it reminded me that I’d meant to highlight it. I always feel weird posting Daytrotter songs because they’re so, well, exclusive. Regardless, here’s an unreleased track from Oh No! Oh My!; download the rest from Daytrotter.

MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Be A Star (Daytrotter session)
I was originally going to start this by saying that “I love Oh No! Oh My!’s songs about people” — then I realized that they’re all about people in some way. Some are directly profile songs (“Lisa Make Love” pops to mind), while others reveal a lot about their subjects through explaining how they work within their elements. “Be a Star” focuses on a young girl who was raised on classic plays and films and, as a result, is working towards that same fame. Does she make it? The line “you said you’d never go” seems to imply it, but they never give you the easy answers.

Oh No! Oh My! on Myspace

And if you somehow still haven’t heard this song, please fix that. This is easily one of the best indie-pop songs of this decade.

MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Walk in the Park

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