Johnny Cash: “One Piece at a Time”

Wikipedia tells you some interesting things. For starters, I didn’t know that this song was actually written by Wayne Kemp and recorded by Johnny Cash. More importantly, though, I didn’t know that they actually made the car described in this song to promote the song. The car pictured above was made from pieces of Cadillacs from 1949 through 1973.

MP3: Johnny Cash – One Piece At A Time
I’m hesitant to call this my favorite Johnny Cash song, but it’s certainly in the running. I remember my mom making a joke that referenced this song when I was a kid, but I never heard it until years later. It’s since become one of my favorite songs to hear, regardless of time, place or mood.

By all accounts, this should have just been a novelty song. If Johnny Cash was anything short of one of the greatest musical figures of all times, he might only be known for this work — you know, kind of like how no one my age knows who Harry Nilsson is, but everyone knows “Coconut.” But the fact is that it’s a solid song that’s funny without relying on cheap laughs. Some jokes are instant laughs (“that’s when we noticed that we only had one tail fin”) and others are sleepers (“I got me a transmission and all the chrome”), but it’s all one big classic.

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