The Magnetic Fields: “The Nun’s Litany”
(Stephin Merritt solo, live on Fair Game)

Still at Noise Pop.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be seeing the Magnetic Fields tonight for the second time in as many days. Here’s hoping all goes as planned. To celebrate, here’s an MP3 of Stephin Merritt performing solo on the radio show Fair Game. He plays one of my favorites off Distortion, “The Nun’s Litany,” but unlike the record, he’s the one singing on it here.

MP3: Magnetic Fields – The Nun’s Litany (live on Fair Game)

Thanks to Fluxblog for the MP3.

My First Time… with the Broken West

Dan Iead of the Broken West was kind enough to contribute the next installment of My First Time.

MP3: The Broken West – On the Bubble

My First Time … with the Broken West

First record you bought
The first CD i bought was Pearl Jam Ten. If you were in 5th grade in 1990 you probably had it yourself. Prior to that I owned Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” 45 which was a gift from my mom cause I apparently enjoyed it as a child. The rotation on my Fisher Price record player was Van Halen Van Halen, some Ringo Starr solo album, and The Allman Bros Live at The Fillmore. I’ve always had a somewhat eclectic taste –contrary to some people’s beliefs.

First record that changed your life
This probably happens a lot, whether I fully realize it or not, but the last one is Robyn Hitchcock. I think many of his records are great but Black Diamond Role was his first one. When I first heard it I thought that someone wrote and performed a record just for my ears. . It’s like a long lost friend you know?

First time playing live
My first time playing live was either at Bishop Orchards on a flat bed truck or at a Christening in my hometown of Branford, CT. I feel for the people and the child that had to hear Seismic Tydes play a few Eagles covers — as well as our hits “Flying High Again” and “Lobotomy”. “Flying High” had some suggestive crack cocaine references. (Don’t worry we were only smoking
a little grass). Seismic Tydes also played after school to an auditorium filled with kids, and at the end of the last number, we thought it would be funny if we destroyed the mics and stage as the curtain came down. The sound man was not pleased. This was at the
age of thirteen — ten years later The Broken West played its first show at M-Bar in Los Angeles.

First tour
My first real kind of tour was the first Broken West tour on the east coast in 2005. We were gone for about two weeks in my mom’s Nissan Pathfinder and a rented SUV. Boston and New York were fun, but as expected, there were some instances of poor attendance — or poor quality. One particular show was in Martinsville, Virgina at Ten Pins Bowling Alley. One would think that the name would have given it away, but we had no clue that we would be playing a bowling alley with a Skynyrd cover band called Paradox. This place was full of Confederates, but I think they warmed up to us. Highlight of the night: Brian (bass player in TBW) played, note for note, the piano solo in “Sweet Home Alabama”.

First instrument you learned and/or first piece of equipment you loved
The first instrument I learned to play was the guitar — at age ten or so. I played cello prior to that but wasn’t that interested in it. I love musical instruments but I’ve never had the bread to buy any. I had never owned more than one guitar until recently and I only have one amp. I have to admit I’m becoming a recording gearhead, so this might change soon.

First band you were a part of
My first band was called “Seismic Tydes”. I was twelve years old. Some of my fondest memories, though, are when I was in a band called “The Institution of Brotherhood” when I was about sixteen. The Institution was about 15 people playing loud rock n’ roll and soul/funk covers. We played shows at a 100 yr old Sicilian puppethouse in Branford, Conneticut where Orson Welles once performed.

First song you wrote and/or recorded
I’ve been writing songs since I was about fourteen or so. I used to have this book of poetry that I would steal lines from. I wish I could remember some of the poems or the title but I can’t. I also used one of them for a final in my freshman year of high school creative writing class. I don’t know the name of the first song I wrote but I’m sure it was called “Song in G” or “Song in E” because I don’t usually have a real title for anything.

[VIDEOS] The Raveonettes discuss new album

The Raveonettes discuss “Sad Transmission”

Here’s Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo of the Raveonettes discussing two of my favorite tracks off Lust Lust Lust.

For more videos in this series, hit up Brooklyn Vegan, My Old Kentucky Blog, the Tripwire, Chromewaves and The Music Slut.

The Raveonettes discuss “Blitzed”

De Novo Dahl @ The Dame 2.27.08

What a fantastic send-off to California. I swear every time I see De Novo Dahl, they just get better and better. They’ve become a great mix of garage-pop and a budget Flaming Lips (someone needs to buy them confetti cannons).

MP3: De Novo Dahl – Shout

We got a set pretty close to their new album with a few old ones in there. The live staple “The Funk” was an always-welcome hit, as was their older song “Waiting for My Friends.” My SXSW suggestion for your downtime is to find out what shows they’re playing, and live out your Nudie Suit fantasies.

Continue reading De Novo Dahl @ The Dame 2.27.08

They Live By Night: “Endless Summer”

Man, I’m just about TOO excited for Noise Pop. I fly out to San Fran tomorrow, and if all goes well, will be forfeiting watching LOST live to watch the Magnetic Fields in concert. Ah…. Until then, here’s a nice new ditty to tide me over.

MP3: They Live by Night – Endless Summer
Just heard this new song from the Swedish group They Live By Night. It’s a sweet orchestral pop tune that ebbs and flows like an Arcade Fire song, but bounces like De Novo Dahl.

They Live By Night on Myspace

Islands: “A Quick One While He’s Away” (The Who)
& “I Feel Evil (Creeping In)”

I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am for the new Islands record. It’s got two songs I’m dying to hear final products of: “Abominable Snow” and “I Feel Evil Creeping In.” Luckily Snakes Got a Blog posted a link to where you can download a recent Islands show, complete with tons of new songs and two covers! Here’s one that I was quite fond of, plus that new song I’m in love with.

MP3: Islands – A Quick One While He’s Away (The Who cover; live)
MP3: Islands – I Feel Evil (Creeping In) (live)

And of course I’m still supremely excited that Islands will be headlining the second day of our Hot Freaks! SXSW day parties, which are FREE. If you come out to the party, meet up with me and we’ll buy Nick drinks until he agrees to let us do the rapping part on “Where There’s a Will There’s a Whalebone.”