Belle and Sebastian: “Space Oddity”
(David Bowie cover)

Let’s pause for a second to say thanks to Cody for emailing me 30+ Belle and Sebastian covers. I shall never go wanting again. And now here’s something that’s sure to excite as much as it did me: Belle and Sebastian covering David Bowie’s lonely space classic “Space Oddity.”

MP3: Belle And Sebastian – Space Oddity (David Bowie)
My favorite part about this cover is the crowd. You and I, we miss out on a bit of the magic here — we know they’re starting “Space Oddity.” The crowd lets off a few murmurs and yelps of acknowledgment, but as soon as the lyrics kick in they absolutely lose it. I mean really, it’s Belle and Sebastian covering Bowie.

On an unrelated note: Halfway to Forecastle was a blast. I look forward to editing the hundreds of photos I took of it and sharing my excitement with you all tomorrow.

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