Keith John Adams: “Kidnapped by Filipinos”

So as you might remember, Keith John Adams was offering personalized songs with the first 40 preorders of his new record Unclever. The album is officially out this Tuesday, but I received my song today! It’s just about the coolest thing ever.

MP3: Keith John Adams – Kidnapped by Filipinos
Allow me to put this song in some context. I had to supply KJA with some personal details with which to create a song. One of the many stories I put in a page-long email was the story of my second trip to Canada. I was traveling with my best friend’s family to the Seattle area and we decided to pop into Canada for a bit. Now, it’s two white kids (me and my friend Andrew) and a car of about five Filipinos (my friend Joe and his family). Neither Andrew or I brought passports, so the Canadian boarder patrol had a quick conference before coming back to ask us one very important question: “You’re here of your own free will, right?”

We paused and finally asked what exactly they meant. “Like, you’re not being kidnapped, right?” was their answer. Confusion overrode our need to laugh and we confirmed that we two white kids did, in fact, want to enter Canada. Then they let us right in. The funniest part of this, to me, isn’t that they thought we might be kidnap victims, but that they asked us in front of people who were potentially kidnappers. Not exactly the most thorough of checks.

So to celebrate that silly story, KJA whipped up this surf tune to soundtrack a trip across the Canadian boarder. He said that he “imagined a sort of Tarantino thing,” and I think it’s definitely got that vibe to it. Love, love, love this song. Thanks, Keith John Adams!

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