The Jesus and Mary Chain: “My Girl”

I’m in a curious musical mood this week. To compliment that, here’s a curious cover: distorted fuzz-pop geniuses the Jesus and Mary Chain covering regular pop mega-geniuses The Temptations.

MP3: Jesus and Mary Chain – My Girl (The Temptations)
This little beauty comes to us from the Jesus and Mary Chain Peel session. My favorite part about this cover is that, though it’s a delightfully upbeat and catchy song, he sounds so unconvinced at his own happiness. The vocals sound like they’re fighting to turn the tune into minor key misery. Curiously, though, the final product is convincing — at least to me. The outro is especially smile-inducing and sure to make you say “So THIS is what it sounds like when the Jesus and Mary Chain are happy.”

MOKB has Michael Showalter as part of his Holiday Interview series. As you might guess, it contains many funny words put together to make funny sentences. Michael Showalter’s answers are also pretty good too.

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