Kelis: “Bossy” (Sebastian remix)

Apparently I’m fairly behind on Sebastian, Ed Banger resident remixer and otherwise sweet electronic dance song arranger/creator. This Kelis remix is my way of saying “I’m sorry” to you and “You’ve got my attention” to Sebastian.

MP3: Kelis – Bossy (Sebastian remix)
The real test of dance music is whether or not you can enjoy it sitting down, alone. Yeah, I may love every song when I’m drunk and dancing at a bar, but very few of them would last long on my harddrive before heading for the great recycling bin in the sky. Sebastian takes a song that I was a lukewarm fan of before and amped up my interest by about a million percent. The instrumentals in this are enough to keep my interest, but like any good producer, Sebastian knows how to compliment the vocals. Example: Too Short’s contribution starts off overtop of some sparse instrumentals before the phased-out guitar slides in with the perfect compliment. My suggestion? Toss this on your iPod, bundle up and walk around in the cold with Sebastian as your brain’s private DJ.

Sebastian on Myspace

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