Of Montreal cover The Kinks

Kevin, it’s OK. You can stop trying to make Of Montreal even more dear to my heart. You’re good, you can stop now. Yet more proof that Kevin knows what we want and wants to give it to us, here’s Kevin and the Late BP Helium covering The Kinks’ “Days.” You can watch the video of their whole performance here. Check below for full video from their recent concert in Amsterdam.

MP3: Of Montreal – Days (Kinks cover)
Once again paying homage to his (apparently lessening) 60’s worship, Kevin Barnes strums out a spot-on cover of this classic. The kookiest part about Of Montreal covers is how true they stay to the original, but how separate they seem from them. The best part about these duo acoustic sessions is how it highlights the harmonies at which Kevin and Bryan excel. Though this doesn’t highlight them as well as the Bowie covers from the AOL sessions, they’re still prevalent enough to knock you flat.

Click below for a full Of Montreal video from Amsterdam (includes the new song “Softcore”):

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