Ruby Isle do Beach House’s “Gila”

The Ruby Isle cover project is still in full swing. This time the #1 song on was “Gila” by Beach House. At this point I think there’s a conspiracy to make the #1 song as musically far from Ruby Isle as possible.

MP3: Ruby Isle – Gila (Beach House)

Here’s what Mark of Ruby Isle had to say about covering the original:

“Gila is a reverb laden, wurlitzer drum box driven 5 minute tragedy served on a platter of farfisa chords. It’s heavenly, if you get the fuzzies from minor keys like I do. The lyricist seems to harbor some pretty severe resentment, she suggests in a very clever way that this person is a monster of the lizard variety – it’s only my assumption, but if in fact it is the case, it’s a brilliant way of really sticking the knife into someone without ever calling them out directly. The linear chord pattern follows a mad trail up and around the minor key. Once again, in the instrumentation department, the Chan Marshall type melody is complimented by an Ennio Morricone type clean echo guitar. I’m starting to become aware of patterns in these #1 tunes. One of them being reverb, whereas your basic Billboard top 40 song today favors a dry mix. Also, the list leans towards cryptic lyrics, the kind that would never fly with all you Clive Davis types scouring the blogs for the next…uh….Daniel Johnston… I mean Alicia Keys, of course. Actually, there’s one person in top 40 who I bet could pull off a sweet version of Gila. I wish I had the money to get a duet between the two (DJ + AK).”

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