Polyphonic Spree to Open for Led Zep in ’08?

Rumor time!! There are some rumblings going around about the possibility of the Polyphonic Spree opening for Led Zeppelin for a tour or show. As if that weren’t enough, it looks like a Tripping Daisy reformation isn’t completely out of the question either!

MP3: Polyphonic Spree – Running Away

The rumor got its legs on the Polyphonic Spree message board where one commenter said that a radio station in Boston quoted an anonymous “Boston area concert promoter” who said that there is a possibility for “Daised and Confused” tour that would join together Led Zeppelin, a reformed Tripping Daisy (with new guitarist) and the Polyphonic Spree. Some fans then recalled that during the Spree’s holiday show Tim mentioned taking Tripping Daisy on the road again, though it’s unsure if his comment was serious or not.

The final piece of the rumor so far (and the only reason I posted this) is from an entry found on the Polyphonic Spree blog: “So Poly and Zep….. What do you think about that combo? High Five!”

Here’s hoping 2008 holds some Zeppelin and some Spree for the States.

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