12 Days of Mixmas: Day 8
Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck blew me away this year with their superb live shows. I saw them open for !!! twice and was immediately sucked in. As such, it’s an honor to have them contribute to Mixmas. Touring music buffs like the Holy Fuck fellas are bound to poke their heads into the local record stores. It’s no surprise, then, that their theme revolves around touring LP purchases.

MP3: Holy Fuck – Safari (live on XM radio)

“Top 5 albums we bought on the road, and haven’t listened to yet” by Holy Fuck

We decided to dig into the piles of still un-listenned-to and in some cases unopened LPs we purchased while touring this year. This way we can’t pretend to be experts on the music contained within. Not only will it encourage us to finally put these selections on our turntables at home, but also encourage other people to do the same, let us know what they think? Did we waste our money?

Jerry Goldsmith- Poltergeist 2 OST:
We were arguing as to whether or not the store we were in was infact the one from the cover of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing. I was noticing that the store was pretty picked over. There weren’t going to be many finds at this legendary retailer’s Going Out of Business Sale. I also noticed a guy hogging the turntable, not only refusing to let other people sample some potential purchases, but also putting his jacket and cell phone and other personal items in the record bin next to him. It took me a good while to realize that this guy was actually playing the ‘in house’ music for the whole store… and that it was DJ Shadow, kindly doing a free set in support of his favorite record store. So I felt like an idiot. As for my purchases? Well, there wasn’t much left. I was hoping for some John Carpenter but ended up with this potentially very stupid Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be some cheesy synth sounds to fuck with? Maybe it’s awesome.

Mudhoney- Superfuzzbigmuff:
I’m a closet Grunger.

Waylon Jennings – Love of the Common People
13th Avenue Coffee House in Regina, SK has always seemed to be the best bet for good coffee in the Queen City, so the morning after our most recent show there I got up early and set out. Much to my dismay I discovered that unlike most self-respecting coffee-serving establishments, 13th Avenue didn’t seem to think it was necessary to open before noon, so I was – literally – left out in the cold. However, on my decaffeinated walk back to the hotel I came across Yaz’s Sports Memorabilia, which had more than a few fantastic LPs and books in the window to compliment their namesake wares. We returned later in the day and I found this Waylon Jennings must-have, which I had to buy if only to hear his take on Mel Tillis’s ‘Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town.’

The Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK
Something about finding an old (but still in reasonable condition) copy of this album on vinyl at an antique shop in Brighton UK seemed appropriate! I already know this record, and have heard all the songs, haven’t listened to the vinyl version yet, but from a collectors point of view…. I felt that every record collection should have a copy of this in it.

Rabbitt – A Croak & A Grunt in the Night
Trevor Rabin….. he joined the band Yes for their huge comeback album 90125 (the one with Owner of a Lonely Heart). This is his 2nd album. I’ve heard a song off his 1st album that was wicked. (still trying to find that one), but apparently this is evidence that I’m such a huge Yes fan, that I’m willing to go out and buy the 2nd solo record (without hearing it at all) of the guy who played guitar on one Yes record that came out in 1983…….am I a nerd?

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