12 Days of Mixmas: Day 7
Jay Underwood of the Light Footwork

Jay Underwood is back, baby! Yes, the same Jay of the Light Footwork who brought you such famous mixes as “favorite songs from artists with lead singers who have the same initials as our favorite NBA basketball players with criminal records” and “songs from albums that were released on birthdays of disgraced former corporate executives.” This year Jay returns with more music (the below track is from their split EP) and another mix. Enjoy!

MP3: The Light Footwork – Rebellion Time

“Songs to enjoy a nice frothy brew alongside (and the beers to enjoy with them)” by Jay Underwood of the Light Footwork

Being that I just moved to Boulder CO, I’ve spent a good bit of time sampling the local beer fare. That was basically the inspiration for this list. Some tunes and some beers, together like a wine paring at an expensive restaurant.

MP3: Dismemberment Plan – Academy Award (National Bohemian in a can)
This song still makes me go pacman freakout. I think Baltimore might be the only place you can get Natty Bo, but it’s only like a dollar so you can drink like 400 of them. Any bar that serves this beer should also have D-plan on the box. Problem solved.

MP3: Built to Spill – Freebird (Pabst Blue Ribbon)
Every cliche’ executed in perfect harmonious bliss. When some meathead yells freebird and the band actually whips it out, that is occasion for celebration–Blue ribbon style. Seriously, 1893 must have been a shitty year in beer.

MP3: Shellac – Prayer to God (Old Style)
Perhaps the two most bitter things to ever come out of Chicago (except maybe Cubs fans). If I wasn’t so afraid of Candyman, I’d be there right now at the Empty Bottle crying into an Old Style myself.

MP3: The Clash – White Man in Hammersmith Palais (Lefthand Sawtooth Ale)
No correlation really, I just love both of these.

MP3: The Pogues – Dirty Old Town (Guinness or any Irish Stout)
Evidently this song was written in the 40’s by a English guy about some English town, but for most of us there is nothing quite like hearing a barful of drunken Irish people drowning out the jukebox to this version of the tune. If you’re ever bored, check out Rod Stewart’s cover on his first album: The Rod Stewart Album.

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