12 Days of Mixmas: Day 4
Keith Lowen of De Novo Dahl

There are few bands I look forward to seeing in Lexington, KY more than De Novo Dahl. Not only are they some great people who are always willing to not make fun of me for drunkenly dancing at their shows, but their shows are amazing! Take one part amazing costumes/suits and two parts wonderful pop songs and you’ve got a head start on how to make your own De Novo Dahl show. Don’t even try to conjure the magic at home, though — this is a show you have to see. Their new record Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound is out in 2008. Until then, here’s Keith’s unique look back at this past year in music.

MP3: De Novo Dahl – Dance Like David

“Top 8th Songs of ’07” by Keith Lowen of De Novo Dahl

My band De Novo Dahl used to be on a label called Theory 8 Records. According to legend, the label’s name was derived from a theory that the 8th song on a significant number of records is the best track. In that spirit, I’m looking at some of my favorite albums of the year and presenting track number 8.

MP3: Spoon – My Little Japanese Cigarette Case (off Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
I don’t know, just about every song on this record is the best song on this record, but at a whopping 19 words long, this one’s pretty easy to sing along to, so bonus points there. It also gets the award for best song title on the record.

MP3: Menomena – Air Aid (off Friend and Foe)
Well I’m pretty sure this does not live up to the theory, as I’m going to have to say “Evil Bee” is my favorite track on Friend and Foe, but “Air Aid” is a pretty bad ass groove. The baritone sax kinda takes me back to Morphine. Sorry, did I just say “groove?”

MP3: Elliott Smith – All Cleaned Out (off New Moon)
This is one of those songs that make you think, “no wonder he stabbed himself in the chest.” Another good Elliott song for crying yourself to sleep.

MP3: MIA – World Town (off Kala)
I don’t have much to say about this song in particular. It’s no “Boyz.” But Kala will make you stop hating hip hop.

MP3: Hot Hot Heat – Give Up (off Happiness, LTD)
I’m pretty biased about this record because my band just toured with Hot Hot Heat and the nostalgia level is already pretty high, but regardless, I think I would like “Give Up” even if I wasn’t biased. And of all the songs on my list, I think this track has the best chance of actually being the best song on the record.

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