12 Days of Mixmas: Day 3

Ah, Fishboy. What a great surprise they were this year. Their new record is tons of fun and so are they. I asked the group to contribute to mixmas the night before Fishboy went out on tour; it’s no wonder that the result was a list of bands they enjoyed while on tour.

MP3: Fishboy – Proper Name Spelling Bee

“Awesome songs from pop bands we’ve played with on tour. A.K.A. – a heartfelt Christmas plug to our friends” by Justin Lloyd of Fishboy

We’ve played with a lot of great bands on our trip, so it was super hard to narrow down our Mixmas this year. We thought so long about it that we ended up being late with our final list. Whew! So, without further ado, here are a few songs we’ve been loving well after we left the band’s hometown.

MP3: Poison Control Center – Don’t Go (Daytrotter version)
IOWA’S FINEST! The PCC bass player Joe wrote this one and has been playing random instruments on the Fishboy tour. We always start singing the first few lines of this in the van, pause and look over to him to finish it. What a trooper.

MP3: Red Pony Clock – The Hardest Half
This song rules! Red Pony Clock are a 14 piece mishmash combo from San Diego, California. I talk to the lead singer on the phone all the time and some times he’ll insult me for like an hour calling us Douchboy and Fishnuts and things like that. But I put up with it because his band is so good! Plus we owe em for the terrible Freudian-slip typo with their name I made in our tour press release.

MP3: Eux Autres- Ecoutez Bien
We’re on tour through the west coast with this brother sister duo from Portland and let me tell you… this is some catchy French inspired twee pop. Love it.

MP3: Man Factory- Chun Li, I’m Lovin’ It
These dudes just released part 1 of a free rock opera about Street Fighter II!!!! That’s all I need to say, right? Listen to this! It’s from freakin’ Arlington, TX.

MP3: Amo Joy- It’s Not An Artists World
We played in an old house with these guys in Indianapolis and after one listen to their cd we were hooked. We actually played it so much on this tour the label came off in the car cd player and now the whole machine is broken. Anyone know how to fix this? The song is stuck in our heads too, but we don’t mind that so much.

MP3: Iji- Ringing Chimes
The finest low-fi pop in Phoenix! We played a show last summer and their album came over the PA. I looked around to find out who it was and the lead singer Zach (who I’d been talking to earlier) over heard me and was like “umm this is me, the guy you just talked for twenty minutes.’ well…I’m sure he didn’t say it in those words but…its good stuff.

Recommended listening experience: Listen to all these songs when you take a shower on Christmas!

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