12 Days of Mixmas: Day 2
David Crane of BOAT

When he’s not coming up with screenplay ideas over AIM with bloggers at 3am, David Crane is a teacher. When he’s not being a teacher, he’s an awesome songwriter for the band BOAT. Though I really like our idea for a movie about a musician who is also a teacher, I’ve got to say that I asked David to take part in this primarily for his role as an awesome songwriter. BOAT are fantastic and I must highly suggest their new record Let’s Drag Out Feet! to any lovers of pop music.

MP3: BOAT – (I’m A) Donkey For Your Love

“5 Songs That Are Ruining My Car” by David Crane of BOAT

I live in Tacoma, WA. I work in Seattle, WA. Each day at 5:30 am, I drive in the car about 30 miles each way to teach 6th grade. Here is my usual opening breakfast setlist. With a Nature Valley peanut butter granola bar in my right hand and a Diet Coke/or Coke Zero in my left, I get to work pounding the “steering wheel high hats”, and the “left thigh snare”, all the while keeping a steady beat on the “gas pedal kick drum.” I am pretty sure my car is being ruined by my faux drumming. I don’t mind. I blame these songs.

MP3: Eux Autres – The Deadball Era
The new Eux Autres album is soooo goood. This is the perfect opener for them. It is officially my new favorite Eux Autres song ever (Sorry Le Project Citron). Eux Autres are from Portland, OR. BOAT has played with them four times. They are wonderful. Simple pop songs and great words. Plus, they like baseball…the ’86, ‘87, and ’88 Mets.

MP3: The Elephants – Humans Extinct.mp3
This is actually my favorite song ever. We have been lucky enough to play with the Elephants quite a few times. The Elephants are from Tacoma, WA. It is a crime this song is not in Target commercials, iPod commercials, Outback Steakhouse commercials. If the world were fair, these guys would be U2, no they would be God, and U2 would be playing God’s 4th of July barbecue. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make sense. Download this song! Your life will be changed!

MP3: The Minders – Now I Can Smile
This is midway through the morning drive set. BOAT was lucky enough to play with the Minders. They didn’t play this song. I wish that they did. This song makes me want to go to 7 Eleven, get a Big Gulp, call in for a substitute teacher and stay home writing/recording songs in my pajamas. The Minders=heroes.

MP3: Tullycraft – Fangs On Bats
This song is so wonderful, because it is usual catchy Tullycraft. Which means I get to give the “left thigh snare” a break, and do some handclaps while driving. Try not smiling while Jenny Mears sings her “ahhs, and ooh wah oohs.” Also, Sean Tollefson sings like he’s whispering in your ear, until the end, he becomes a twee rock Lou Reed. BOAT attended the Tullycraft and pelted them with plastic fangs. If they come to your town, I suggest you do the same.

MP3: Throw Me The Statue – This is How We Kiss
Throw Me the Statue are the latest dominators of my iPod. You can sing along to “This Is How We Kiss,” the first time you hear it. You will not tire of singing along by the iTunes counted 86th listen.

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