Vampire Weekend @ Tar Distillery 11.25.07

The guys of Vampire Weekend walked out onto the Chinese lantern-lit stage to some of the loudest applause I’ve ever heard in Lexington. They declared that this was already their best and favorite show of the tour — impressive, since they’d yet to play a note of music. Curiously, their declaration not only stood for them, but for me as well: it was one of the best shows I saw in my hometown all year.

MP3: Vampire Weekend – Bryn

I knew in my mind that Vampire Weekend were something special. Getting blissfully lost in “Bryn” and wrapped up in the plunking piano of “Walcott” while in my room is easy, no doubt; but when you’re packed together with every free-thinker, art kid and indie music junkie in central Kentucky, it’s even easier to realize that they’re something rare. Every song is a hit, every hook is an earworm and each lyric is quote-worthy.

I couldn’t have been happier to see Vampire Weekend, and I can’t look forward any more than I already am to the next time we can welcome them with sweaty, open arms to Lexington, Kentucky.

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