Songs for Pushing Daisies

I know I rant about a TV show each week, but I’ve rarely been hit so hard by a show as I was by Pushing Daisies. Each episode is a beautiful combination of Douglas Adams-style sarcastic narration, breathtaking cinematography and some modern-day fairy tale storytelling worthy of Big Fish or Amelie. The relationship between Chuck and Ned is so cute that I can hardly take it any more. I never thought I could want something as badly (for them to touch) as I wanted it not to happen. Fantastic, fantastic show.

Songs for a Second Chance at Life

MP3: The Magnetic Fields – I Can’t Touch You Anymore
M4A: Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead
MP3: Neutral Milk Hotel – Dead Dog
MP3: Jelly Roll Morton – Dead Man Blues
MP3: Spank Rock – Touch Me
MP3: Cloud Cult – Dance For The Dead
MP3: Beck – Dead Melodies
MP3: Sloan – Live the Life You’re Dreaming Of

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