Man Man @ Southgate House 10.11.07

I watched an Evel Knievel biography the other day where he confessed that he retired because he’d accomplished so many things that what people expected of him was more than any man could do (ie: jump the grand canyon). I thought of that on the drive home because of how much Man Man seem to amp up their performance every time I see them. At the rate of insanity they’re progressing, I fully expect them all to be on fire through the entire show on Saturday.

MP3: Man Man – Ice Dogs

I think Man Man played around six new tunes, including that fantastic Zombie song. Anyone who catches them on Halloween has my extreme envy. Other than that, the only notable thing was the return of “Ice Dogs” and all the games it lead to. Honus’ keyboard cut out just before that song, so he switched to the back keys. Then the rest of the band carried on with some a capella “sha do be doop”s while he emphatically sang his heart out. Then, after crossing himself for good luck, he jumped on his stool and motioned in a “little bit softer now” way for the band to take it down a bit. The crowd and band shifted into whispers and awaited their ringleader’s command to sing at the tops of their lungs.

More pictures below

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