Spoon @ Voodoo 10.27.07

MP3: Spoon – Small Stakes

Spoon’s set at Voodoo was probably the second best I’ve seen them play. I’m a sucker for Kill the Moonlight material, and they brought out plenty. I remember rocking out to “Small Stakes” and “The Way We Get By” specifically. The new material sounded good as well. Unlike Lollapalooza, where Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga songs were few and far between, they pumped out quite a few as I recall.

Ghostland Observatory @ Voodoo 10.27.07

Coming off a lackluster performance on Conan, Ghostland Observatory reminded me why I fell in love with them to begin with: their live show. The tent was overflowing both with people and anticipation for the Austin duo. After they took the stage guys fist-pumped and girls grinded to the voice of Behrens and beats of the cape-clad Turner. Throwing a festival? Consider Ghostland Observatory your silver bullet against boredom.

Rage Against the Machine @ Voodoo 10.26.07

On the list of things I never thought I’d get to experience in my life, seeing Rage Against the Machine ranked somewhere just below playing Twister with Scarlett Johansson. Say what you will about how the band reformation bandwagon is milking the cash cow, but when the groups are as flawless as Rage were at Voodoo, I’m all for it.

Rage Against the Machine @ Voodoo Festival
Bulls On Parade
People of The Sun
Bullet In The Head
Down Rodeo
Calm Like A Bomb
Tire Me
Sleep Now In The Fire
Guerrilla Radio
Wake Up
Freedom/Township Rebellion
Killing In The Name

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M.I.A. @ Voodoo 10.26.07

Ah, M.I.A. Is there anything she can’t do? Her new record Kala is full of greatness, and her live show only amps up that energy. This was the first time I’d gotten to see a full set of hers, as with both Lollapallooza and ACL sets I was either rushing to or from somewhere else.

Maya came out in a brightly-colored, fanged jumpsuit. While the hoodie and glasses did hide her pretty face, it made for nothing but good times. It’s hard not to get excited when a girl in a fanged hoodie and yellow and black glasses is jumping up and down going “Galang! Galang! Galang!”

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Lez Zeppelin @ Voodoo 10.26.07

I think it was my friend Andrew who said it best: “I don’t think most guys could do as good of a job at hitting Plant’s vocals as that chick did.”

I went to check out Lez Zeppelin somewhat on a whim. Their name always makes me smile when I restock the CD at work; plus that’s just a recipe for an interesting show one way or another, right? Their tent was overflowing so much that if someone in the middle had stretched, a few people probably would have fell out of the sides and into the nearby lake. For a while I was part of a group that was watching through a hole in the tent, but managed to find a way inside after a few songs. The band was note-for-note spot on, and the lead singer was a pretty good show-woman in the vein of Plant.