Tullycraft: “The Punks Are Writing Love Songs”

NEW TULLYCRAFT! Don’t you love it when you’re hotly anticipating a new release because of one or two songs that you’ve heard previewed (in this case, “If you take away the makeup, then they vampires they will die”) and the band catches you off guard with an even better, previously unheard work? Here’s your left-field pop hit for the day.

MP3: Tullycraft – The Punks are Writing Love Songs
Those poor punks. First they started taking acid with the Flaming Lips, now Tullycraft have emasculated them into lovesick poets. Actually, scratch that. I couldn’t feel less sorry for any musical group that inspires such a cutesy tune. Here’s my idea for a music video: slap some punk attire (complete with Belsen was a Gas pin and eyeliner) on 6 to 9 year-old kids and let them go in an amusement park. Play the resulting cute video at comically fast speed and smile.

Every Scene Needs a Center is out Oct 23.

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